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Welcome to  Navidad Bloodhounds 

Now taking reservation deposits for our Fall litter.

AKC Registered Bloodhound Puppies
Welcome to Navidad Bloodhounds in  beautiful Lindenau, Texas!
We are located in the rolling plains approximately two hours from Austin, Houston and San Antonio. We are a small family-run bloodhound kennel nestled on 20 acres.  As a second generation bloodhound breeder, we put our years of experience and dedication into each bloodhound puppy that leaves our farm. We encourage you to take the time to browse our website to learn more about us and our dogs. Please always feel free to contact us anytime by phone, text, or email so that we may answer any questions that you might have.

Navidad's kennel house was built by Paul with the assistance of the family. He specially designed it to accommodate to the specific needs of our dogs. Our barn-style kennel has cement floors for easy clean up and sanitation. It has an alley with runs on each side. Each run is equipped with a doggie-door that has access to an outside run underneath the trees.  Paul designed two of the runs as "Mama-Bays" that are very large in size, allowing for the room a mother needs with her litter.  There is also an adjacent ½ acre, secure courtyard for unsupervised play time which helps keep our adults healthy and safe. Please feel free to make an appointment with us if you would like to see where your bloodhound puppy was born. Visitors are always welcome.

At Navidad Bloodhounds we put a lot of time and great care into our bloodhounds.

We sell bloodhound puppies for family pets, search and rescue, therapy, trailing, and law enforcement.

A bloodhound puppy can make a wonderful companion, as they are very people pleasing and have a family-oriented nature. As a quality bloodhound breeder, we strive to make sure that our puppies are well-socialized from birth to ensure a suitable companion for your home.
We follow strict cleaning, deworming, and health procedures in our kennel house to ensure a healthy and happy puppy. Please see our testimonial page to read about what our bloodhound families are saying about us. References are available upon request. On our website you will find available puppies, reviews and pictures of our dogs here in beautiful Texas.  We look forward to possibly helping you with a new addition to your family!


About Us:
As a second generation bloodhound breeder, there's always been hounds in my life. Growing up with hounds barking, our family traveling to competition events, and "Mr. Dad" passing on his knowledge to me, has truly made me appreciate this unique animal. My mother always said even our vacations usually involved dogs! With this experience, Paul's kennel design, and our dedication, we will work hard to match a puppy to your family.  
Tracy and Mr. Dad's Champion competition hound, "Hee-Haw", singing her version of "You aint nothin but a hound dog" in 1976.







Contact Info:
Paul and Tracy Delgado
Lindenau, Texas


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